Museum Industrial Complex

Protecting your cultural investment



Don’t leave your cultural authority to chance.

Let the experts handle it.

Investing in Art is a risky business. To do it well you must spend time in upstart commercial galleries, in grimy artists’ studios, investing in artworks which are worth less than the materials they are made from. Instead throwing time and money at the problem, why not make a contribution to your local museum?

We are a network of museums, critics, and historians. We cultivate artists who make only the right sort of art. Art with moral and historical authority. Investing in art via the museum industrial complex ensures social relevance and historical value because we write the history books and we tell the art viewing public what they should see.

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Let the Museum Industrial Complex do the work for you…

Permanent loan program

Let us house and maintain artwork in our museums and gallery spaces while you enjoy the cultural cachet. Our curators will provide you with legal ownership and copyright over an artwork, while our museums will permanently house and display the work.

Site specific installation sponsorship

Our best value, fund a one-time, non-permanent site-specific project. Your name will be dropped prominently in all promotional materials. Best of all, there are no on-going costs. The artwork is destroyed at the end of the exhibit so there are no risks of collectors poaching your investment. Pairs well with the Artist’s residency program.

Artist’s residency program

Did you know you can fund a hot, young artist for a whole month for less than the cost of your car payment? Create an artist’s residency in your name. Let artist’s compete for the chance to live and work in a run down industrial building for a month. All resident artists are required to socialize with patrons at approved events in a controlled setting.

All of our services come with…

Critical authority

All sponsored events and artworks will be accompanied by a dizzying wall of text authored by one of our qualified art critics.

Historical relevance

Regardless of the current trends or political climate, any artwork covered by our services will be placed into the correct, moral, and historical light by our on-staff art historians.

Tax Incentives

Of course, all services provided by the Museum Industrial Complex are tax-deductible.

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